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After my brother died, I realized that I really wanted to become more religious to feel closer to him. I started going back to church and focusing on healthier living, and it felt like someone opened a window in my life. All of the sudden, I was able to experience a profound level of happiness and security that I had never felt before, and it was really incredible. I realized that religion was real and that it really made a difference, and I absolutely loved it. This blog is here to help other people who might have fallen away from religion to recognize its potential power in your life.

3 Reasons Why It Is Important To Get Involved With Social Groups At Your Church

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Whether you have been attending a church for some time or are new to a town and looking for a new church to become a part of, it is important to consider attending more than just weekly worship and Sunday school courses. You should also consider joining some of your church's social groups. Lutheran churches often offer several types of social groups, including environmental stewardship, mothers of preschoolers, teen groups, and DINKs (Dual Income No Kids), to name a few. Joining a social group that is interesting to you will benefit you in several ways.

​It Can Help You Develop Relationships With Others Who Share Your Faith

​It is important for Christians to develop friendships with others who have similar values and share their faith. You may turn to your friends for support and advice during difficult times, and, if your friends share your faith, they will be more likely to give you sound advice that follows biblical reasoning. While you may see the same people every week during a worship service, you may not find the time or opportunity to engage with them and create a friendship. A social group not only gives you the time to bond, but also gives you a common interest to discuss with your new friends.

​It Will Give You Time to Discuss Your Faith and Learn More About Your Faith

​You may learn a lot about your faith during worship services or Sunday school. However, most of your learning may be passive as you listen to a sermon. A social group will give you the opportunity to practice active learning by discussing questions and concerns about your faith with others. While some social groups are specific Bible study groups, others give you a more casual opportunity to discuss your faith during other social activities. For example, if you are part of a volunteer group, you may find that you discuss the concept of charity, giving, and stewardship and how it pertains to your faith while you are engaging in a volunteer project.

​It Can Help You Feel Engaged In the Community

​While social groups are usually open to anyone, many of them are geared towards individuals who may have a difficult time engaging in community events. For example, a "mothers of preschoolers" group gives stay-at-home-mothers a chance to get out of the house and socialize with other mothers in a similar situation. Being an active part of a community can help increase your self-esteem and prevent feelings of isolation or depression.

If you are considering a new church, be sure to check out their social groups. If you do not see one that pertains to you, ask about starting up a new social group. For more information, contact a church like Grace Lutheran Church LCMS.


28 September 2016